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The award-winning team in the Southern Westchester BOCES Office of Public Information provides a variety of services to support your communications strategy. 

graduate at ALC Citizenship ceremonyWe produce the official publications of Southern Westchester BOCES, including its annual Services Guide and Budget Book as well as newsletters, catalogues and brochures for our centers. Experienced school communications specialists provide participating districts with targeted communications services, including presentations, publications, social media strategy, web content management and crisis communications support.      

ALC graduates celebrateWe are routinely recognized by the New York and National School Public Relations Associations for outstanding quality and achievement. We are savvy social media users experienced in engagement, audience targeting, mobile video and cross-platform messaging. We have established relationships with professional consultants, enabling smooth production schedules and cost-effective pricing. Our staff of former journalists work closely with local media and online partners.

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School Communications - Full Year Service

Under this service, Southern Westchester BOCES-employed Public Relations Specialists are assigned to districts on a Full-Time Equivalent basis to provide from a range of communications services. SWBOCES provides administrative support (including HR, payroll and benefits), office space, equipment, Internet access, etc., while the PR Specialist acts as a member of the district team.

kids on busWorking the equivalent of up to three days per week, the specialist helps build and implement communications strategies that encompass publications, Web content, media relations, district mailings, social media and crisis communications support.

FTE costs are per 8-hour day up to three days or 0.6 FTE. Hours may be logged across multiple days and include occasional coverage of events outside normal business hours as agreed upon. Costs are eligible for state-aid reimbursement

What's included

What SWBOCES provides:

Our service fees cover the specialists’ employment costs (salary, benefits, etc.) as well as such costs as server storage for digital files, professional staff development, SWBOCES supervisory costs and office/technical support.

  • A PR Specialist based at SWBOCES' Harrison offices who is experienced in photography, Web content management, social media, mobile video, project planning and coordination and media relations;
  • Standard equipment required to conduct a traditional communications role, including a computer and broadband Internet access, telephone, voicemail, email and a camera as well as basic office supplies;
  • All standard employment and human resources support functions.

What the district provides:

  • Project direction, original text/copy, details and approvals, in a timely manner;

  • A contact person with the authority to direct and approve the work assigned;

  • Training in technology and processes unique to the district.

PR Services, as needed

As an alternative to the full-year service, districts may contract on a limited basis for public relations services as described above to supplement and maximize existing, in-house communications efforts during special projects or at peak times during the school year.

 An example might be during a bond campaign, where the SWBOCES PR Specialist would advise upon and execute an information and outreach strategy in advance of a vote, freeing up the district's own communications team to perform  day-to-day communications duties. 

Prices would be negotiated based on district needs, the amount of time allotted to complete tasks  and any costs for related consultant services.

Scope of Services

The range of school communications services we offer includes: 

  • Professional communications support and consultation on day-to-day matters, crisis management, strategic planning and special projects;
  • football field at sunsetWriting and issuing press releases and maintaining relationships with local media; Assisting in the development and execution of a media plan to help increase visibility in the community and differentiate from other districts;
  • Writing articles about district news suitable for publication in print or electronic newsletters as well as on websites and social media platforms; Publication of coverage via online partnerships (Patch, The Daily Voice, etc.) and trade publications;
  • Working to assist and, as needed, train district personnel and others in the effective use of social media to support district initiatives and priorities;  
  • Writing, editing and proofreading of official district correspondence (i.e. letters from the Superintendent), speeches and presentations;
  • Creation of infographics and fact sheets for use on social media and websites and in print publications
  • Project management, including working with graphic design professionals, in the production of newsletters, annual calendars, brochures, catalogues, budget reports, etc.;
  • Photographic coverage of district events and programs, including photo editing for print publications, uploading to websites and sharing on social media  
  • Production of short, “newsy” and socially shareable videos in conjunction with written and photographic coverage of district events and programs.

athletes celebratingFor an additional cost, the above service can be enhanced by the hiring of professional consultants for specific services or for the development by SWBOCES of specific strategies and campaigns.

  • • Additional photographic coverage beyond that provided by the PR Specialist, via consultant contract.
  • • Professional graphic design via consultant contract in the creation and production of newsletters, annual calendars, brochures, catalogues, budget reports, etc.

Our Team

Our team of communications and public relations professionals provide a range of services to component school districts as well as to the administration and centers of Southern Westchester BOCES itself. These services include print and electronic newsletters, press releases, media relations, photography and video, social media strategy and management and publications. Ask us how we can help tell your schools' stories.

Brian J. Howard
Director of Communications

PR Specialist

Natalia Baag-Lord

Natalia Baage-Lord

PR Specialist

Cara Matthews

Cara Matthews

PR Specialist

Alicia Smith

Graphic Designer

Jeffry Braun