Past Board Members

BOCES is an acronym for Board of Cooperative Educational Services. Created by an act of the New York State Legislature in 1948, the BOCES offer services and programs that individual school districts can't operate cost-effectively on their own. Schools for multiply handicapped children, career education, transportation, computer services, staff development programs for teachers and other school personnel are just a few of the more than 100 services Southern Westchester BOCES provides its component districts.

The first Southern Westchester BOCES board members were elected in 1948. These individuals, and those who served with them and after them, helped shape the education of school children and adult learners for more than one-half century.

Past Members

Vincent J. Cunningham Hector G. Dowd  Alan H. Salzman  
1948-1961 1971-1979  1987-1997  
Clayton Emerson Ronald S. Lockhart  Evelyn M. Stock  
1948-1949 1972-1977  1992-2006  
Edward C. Holmes Owen Daley  Bruce H. Hoffman  
1948-1965 1972-1978  1993-1997  
Angelo Russo Anne L. Bondy   Arlene Kamer  
1948-1973 1973-1993   1996-2007  
Harry W. Ryer Thomas Watkins, Jr.  Calvin Johnson, Jr.  
1949-1951 1974-1984  1997-1998  
Carl E. Rudiger Betty Menke  Bruce E. Williams, Ph.D.  
1951-1952 1977-1979  1997-2005  
Carmen Brennan Robert Bernstein  Joseph E. Wooley  
1952-1962 1978-1983  1998-2017  
Russell E. Cooley, Jr. Judith R. Weiner  Nancy Fisher   
1952-1959 1978-1987  2004-2012  
James H. Paynter Carol S. Tillman  James E. Miller  
1959-1965 1979-1985  2005-2016  
Harry F. Weber, Jr. Rowland L. Mitchell, Jr.  Richard Glickstein  
1961-1965 1979-1992  2006-2015  
Anthony Waldeier Julie Wolf  Claudia Glaser  
1962-1970 1980-1986   2017-2018   
John McAllister David S. Schwartz  
1964-1974 1984-1985  
Charles H. Grosjean David S. Schwartz    
1965-1966 1984-1985    
John Snyder Beverly A. Levine    
1965-1966 1984-2012    
 May V. Bromber George B. Lusk    
 1966-1971 1985-1996    
 Edwin L. Howard  Louise De Vel Muller    
 1970-1978  1985-2004    
 John Ritchie  Joan H. Fine    
 1970-1978  1986-1996