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  • Commercial Art students’ work on display at Young Artists 2024

    Students collaborate with Katonah Museum of Art for exhibition

    Nearly a dozen Commercial Art students from the Southern Westchester BOCES Valhalla campus have their artworks on display at the Katonah Museum of Art, part of the Young Artists program and exhibition for high school seniors.

    News Feed - Center for Career Services 2023-24
  • Tappan Hill School opens doors to learning for Black History Month

    Tappan Hill School celebrated Black History Month as each door was decorated, including classrooms, offices and the Gym, each featuring historic Black figures. Classes went on learning walks around the building to celebrate and acknowledge the these individuals, who continue to make an impact on our society!

    News Feed - Tappan Hill
  • Tappan Hill celebrates a Happy Valentine's Day with flowers and a dance

    Tappan Hill School staff and students enjoyed a wonderful, kindness-themed Valentine's Day Dance where they enjoyed the opportunity to socialize and exercise together. All classes even exchanged tokens of kindness with their class buddies. This festive day, which featured students and staff dressed in red, pink, and purple, was organized by the Connected Learning Team with help from Coach Diane Storm and Kemar Hopkins, who organized the playlist. 

    What's more, Southern Westchester BOCES district leaders were the recipients of Valentine's bouquets, courtesy of Teacher Erroll Rivera's MD Vocational program at Tappan Hill.

    Southern Westchester BOCES district leaders received red-and-white bouquets. They include: District Superintendent Harold Coles, Deputy Superintendent/COO Brendan Lyons, Assistant Superintendents James Gratto and Steve Tibbetts, Human Resources Director Suzanne Doherty, Director of Special Services Jessica Walker and Assistant Director Alexandria Connally. Students completed the two-week project with the assistance of mentors from Volunteer New York. The project concluded with a fun dance party with Donald Stephens from the Music Conservatory of Westchester.



    News Feed - Tappan Hill
  • Rye Lake MS/HS kick off 100 days of Kindness on Valentine's Day

    Rye Lake Middle and High School students took part in a Valentine's Day kickoff for 100 days of Kindness thanks to the schools' Community Events Committee! There was a variety of activities to celebrate the community and opportunities for kindness and connection. Students selected the activities they wanted to participate in, with staff assistance. Activities included Valentines or Kindness card making, ice breaker/friendship maker bingo, kindness chain, mindfulness coloring, friendship bracelets/jewelry, and tile art for a building mosaic.

    News Feed - Rye Lake Middle/High School
  • Director of Music Studios for Mercy University visits Sound Production Program

    Sound Production students learn insights on working in the Audio Engineering field

    Samuel Stauff, the Director of the Music Studios for Mercy University’s Music Production and Recording Arts Program, sat down with Sound Production students on the Valhalla campus to talk about mixing and mastering. He provided an open discussion with the students about his field of work, allowing them to pose questions and show off their knowledge.

    News Feed - Center for Career Services 2023-24
  • Chili Cook-Off a healthy competition and a Rye Lake tradition

    Students and staff alike sampled piping hot and sometimes spicy concoctions from slow cookers and crockpots. Servers dished out cilantro and cheddar, fluffy rice and crispy tortilla chips. The annual Chili Cookoff at Rye Lake Middle-High School lured visitors with an aroma that filled the air. With the Super Bowl days away, this preview of gameday fare was as fierce a competition as the Chiefs and Niners could hope to cook up.

    From the spicy recipe of Mr. Crump, to the creaminess of Mr. Mule’s chili, to the elegant presentation of Ms. Rivera’s secret recipe, to Ms. Carpiniello’s rich and innovative take on classic chili, there were no two offerings alike. A sample of each left the judges unsure how to pin a blue ribbon on the winner. Any of these offerings would be welcome come Sunday’s kickoff. After a wave of students had their fill – a few running for their water bottles to wash down the hot pepper flavor – staff poured in for the lunchtime event. Everyone took their time. The portions were small enough not to be filling but big enough to give a proper tasting. 

    In the end, just like in football, only one could come out on top while the worthy competition could only hold their heads high for having played hard. It was Ms. Rivera that the judges decided was this year’s champion.

    News Feed - Rye Lake Middle/High School
  • CISMAA and EMS students sit in on lecture on Diagnostic Imaging

    Director of Diagnostic Imaging from Crystal Run Healthcare visits SWBOCES Campus

    Medical Office and EMS students at the Southern Westchester BOCES campus in Valhalla had the chance to learn more about Diagnostic Imaging, related careers, and their potential salary.

    News Feed - Center for Career Services 2023-24
  • Tappan Hill students visit Valentine's 'Bake Shop'

    Students from Adriane Lomupo's and Linda Liebman’s classes at Tappan Hill School gathered in Ms. Liebman's classroom one day this week for a Valentine's 'Bake Shop' activity. The students worked in multiple roles, as cashier, waiter, customer and chef, as they practiced social skills, math money skills, communication skills and pretend play. 

    News Feed - Tappan Hill
  • Quarterly honors now a recurring celebration

    Rye Lake MS/HS takes honors celebration to a higher level

    Nineteen students, including seven previous honorees, were recognized Feb. 2 for their academic achievement in what is becoming a familiar ceremony on the Rye Lake High School campus.

     “This ceremony is about recognizing academic success but also about these kids learning what they’re capable of achieving,” Principal Eric Ford said.

    News Feed - Rye Lake Middle/High School
  • Dr. Coles named to AESA Executive Council

    Southern Westchester BOCES District Superintendent Dr. Harold A. Coles has been named to the Executive Council of the Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA), representing the Eastern Region.

    Dr. Coles has been District Superintendent since 2013, oversees SWBOCES’s work with component school districts and their superintendents. He is also the state Commissioner of Education's representative in the Southern Westchester region.

    During his career, Dr. Coles has held the roles of superintendent, pupil personnel services (PPS) director, and adjunct professor. He was president of the New York State Association of Management Advocates for School Labor Affairs (MASLA) and president of the National Art Education Association (NAEA) Board. In addition, he has served as an educational consultant on the Westchester County Juvenile Drug Court Task Force, NYS Girls' Justice Initiative (GJI), Westchester Girls' Justice Initiative/GRIP Executive Team, and Ninth Judicial District Court Westchester Access to Justice Immigrant Rights and Services Sub-Committee. He currently serves on the AESA Foundation Board of Trustees.

    The AESA Executive Council has three representatives from each of four regions. New members are elected each fall and serve for four years.

    .News Feed - Southern Westchester BOCES
  • Community television representative visits hopeful interns

    TV Production students learn about internships and volunteer opportunities

    Dena Schumacher, the Assistant Director of Larchmont-Mamaroneck Community Television (LCM Media) in Mamaroneck chatted with Southern Westchester BOCES’ TV/Video Production students at the Valhalla campus about the opportunities they offer to high school students such as access to equipment, hands-on training and the Future Filmmaker Project.



    News Feed - Center for Career Services 2023-24
  • Head of Music Production & Recording Arts program at Mercy University visits Sound Production

    Students observe audio synthesizing mixer in action

    Stephen B. Ward stepped off his Mercy University campus and on to Southern Westchester BOCES’ Valhalla campus to meet with Sound Production students. The students were captivated while they watched and listened to him create original beats.

    News Feed - Center for Career Services 2023-24
  • Tappan Hill enjoys 'Snowy Day Pajama Read Aloud'

    The weather outside was rainy last week, but inside Tappan Hill School it was a 'Snowy Pajama Day' as classes gathered in the Gym in their pajamas for a Snowy Day Pajama Read Aloud.

    Students participated in a winter warmup on the Lu projector prior to listening to "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats. Following the story, a special guest joined students and staff — Olaf! It must have been the snowy story that brought Olaf in.

    Special thanks to the Connected Learning Team, Coach Diane Storm and all the staff for making this event so special for students!

    News Feed - Tappan Hill
  • TV/Video Production takes field trip to Nitrous LTD

    TV Production company opens its doors to SWBOCES students

    Students in the TV/Video Production program at Southern Westchester BOCES’ Center for Career Services in Valhalla received a behind-the-scenes tour of Nitrous LTD. During the trip the students were able to get a feel for what their future holds through a guided tour.

    News Feed - Center for Career Services 2023-24
  • Sound Production students visit Emmy award winning studio

    Students get a behind the scenes tour of the art of foley

    Students in the Sound Production program at Southern Westchester BOCES stepped out of their Valhalla classroom and into the world of post-production. They toured the Emmy award winning studio Alchemy Post Sound where they had a chance to observe engineers in action.

    News Feed - Center for Career Services 2023-24
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