Data Privacy information

Southern Westchester BOCES takes the security of our students' data very seriously.  New York State Education Law 2-d was created to help districts and BOCES develop methods to ensure that all FERPA-protected information about your child is always held in the highest security.  Our commitment to protecting the data that we have been entrusted with, is always our paramount concern. We have taken many steps to ensure that any information that is protected under FERPA is done so in accordance with local, state and federal regulations and district policies.  This information is only accessible under an agreed upon contract with vendors, never shared openly nor used in violation of the Education Law 2-d.  Southern Westchester BOCES may utilize a variety of vendors through paid and/or free contracted services.  Individual vendors can only access information about our students for specifically approved purposes, listed under our supplemental information documents.  

As part of our commitment to protecting this information, we have created this page to provide districts and parents full transparency about how we protect your child's information and how to report any breaches related to this information.  For any questions related to Data Privacy, please email