District-Wide Safety Information

Southern Westchester BOCES is required to develop a district-wide safety plan designed to prevent or minimize the effects of serious violent incidents and emergencies and to facilitate the coordination of the district-wide response with local and county emergency responders.

The district-wide safety plan is responsive to the needs of our programs within Southern Westchester BOCES, and is consistent with the more detailed emergency response plans required at the school building level. Southern Westchester BOCES, like school districts, has the potential to be impacted by various emergency situations. To address these potential events, the State of New York has enacted the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) law. Project SAVE is a comprehensive planning effort that addresses prevention, response and recovery with respect to a variety of emergencies in each school district and its schools.

The link provided will direct you to the document of the 2023-24 Southern Westchester BOCES District-Wide Safety Plan.  

Southern Westchester BOCES 23-24 District Wide Safety Plan

School Emergency Guide

Guía de Emergencias Escolares