Department of Human Resources

Southern Westchester BOCES employs approximately 900 persons to provide a variety of services to school districts and individual students in the region. These services include Special and Occupational Education, professional development, adult education, technology support, transportation, interscholastic athletic scheduling, and regional certification.

The Human Resources Department administers all personnel policies and procedures for SWBOCES employees. These include: recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff; orienting and supporting new employees; administering benefits; maintaining attendance and personnel records; assisting in contract negotiations; and planning and coordinating agency-wide special events and staff development activities.

In collaborating with districts, agencies and communities to meet their educational challenges, we are seeking employees at every level who will join us in our mission to provide regional leadership and cost effective, high quality services. SWBOCES is committed to ensuring that all staff are selected and supported in an environment that nurtures their professional growth and advances our mission. We recognize that the people who work for SWBOCES are its most important resource.