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  • Great Teachers and Leaders - Ongoing Training for Those Who Observe Teachers

    Evidence-Based Feedback and Coaching Conversations that impact Instructional Practice

    The focus of this workshop is on developing skill in evidence based observation within the context of district professional development goals. This learning experience is appropriate for all Lead Evaluators who have been previously certified by their districts and can be used by districts as evidence for recertification.

    This is an advanced course for supervisors who will be observing teachers and/or serving as Lead Evaluators. This one-day workshop serves to build expertise in evaluation including practice in achieving inter-rater agreement through evidence based observation. This course includes focus on coaching conversations that impact instructional practice. The session will also include the most current updates from NYSED.

    Participants should bring a copy of the rubric being used in their district for teacher evaluation.

    Great Teachers and Leaders - Ongoing Training for Those Who Observe Teachers

    Center for Professional Development and Curriculum Support
  • Conference III Meeting

    SW BOCES - 9:00 am 

    Center for Interscholastic Athletics
  • NYS Mandated Autism Training (3 Hr. Course)

    SWBOCES is sponsoring the following 3 hour NYS Mandated course: Training in Autism Spectrum Disorders - NYS Education Department Approved Training

    As part of the New York State Regulations, this workshop will address the needs of autistic children. This overview will meet the state mandate for certification and will include the following topics:
    -Etiology and prevalence
    -Evidenced-based instructional methods
    -Behavior management resources

    Please register in MLP:  https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?I=2435079&D=12439

    Center for Professional Development and Curriculum Support
  • Google Drive Add-Ons & Chrome Extension

    LHRIC Instructional Technology
  • Last Day of Summer School

    Center for Special Services
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