Reopening Q&A

The following questions were submitted during public stakeholders meetings held Aug. 18-20 . Additional questions may be directed to principals or program administrators.

1. What happens with children who have sensory issues and have difficulty wearing a mask?

We will build in mask breaks; suggest parents/caregivers work with students to get the accustomed to wearing masks.


2. I prefer my child attend remote-only at this time. Is it required that students attend in-person two times a week?

There will be a remote only option in Special Services programs. Online form to be completed by parent/guardian, 5 week commitment, program details to follow.


3. If a child opts for remote instruction, will he/she lose their spot in school or be marked absent?

No, a child will not lose their spot in the program. Sending districts secure spots in the BOCES student programs. As remote learning is offered students are expected to attend and attendance will be taken in class.


4. What happens if a student was unable due to program closures to  finish an Adult Education course in the spring? 

All Adult and Community Services classes that were suspended in March are being scheduled to complete starting in September. Staff are reaching out to all instructors and students with scheduling information.


5. Will the mechanical automotive courses be live, in-person classes this year?

All Career and Technical Education classes will take place in person for the 20/21 school year.


6. What will a typical school day at Career Services look like, including transportation and meals? Will there be any additional emotional supports, testing or other new procedures? What happens if someone becomes ill develops COVID?

Districts transport students to SWBOCES campuses and are responsible for those procedures. Upon arrival to SWBOCES campuses, student temperatures will be taken, distancing will be in place, and supervised entry into learning spaces will commence. Meal procedures at most sites will include hand washing protocols and meal delivery to classrooms where students will be distanced. Outdoor spaces may be utilized. SWBOCES will be used to transport students from SWBOCES schools to Career Tech programs, and distancing and masks will be required. Visitors to all SWBOCES programs will be limited to essential personnel.


7. Will all students be required to wear masks?

Masks are required to be worn at all centers.


8. Will students and staff be required to be tested prior to opening day?

Students and staff testing is not required prior to opening day.


9. If a student has a temperature upon arrival, what is the staff protocol? Who is accompanying that student?

If a student has a temperature above 100.0° F, a designated staff member will accompany the student to a separate area on campus.


10. Will there be portable air purifiers in each classroom?

Portable air purifiers will not be placed in classrooms.


11. Will a recap of the stakeholder meetings be available afterwards?

The slide deck used in the presentation has been posted on the SWBOCES website at


12. Will each Career Services program reach out to parents/students directly to explain how their program will run?

At Career Services, parent meetings will be held by the principal to provide information regarding our programs for the 2020-21 school year.


13. If component districts decide not to offer in-person instruction, will students from those districts attend SWBOCES programs in person? 

SWBOCES will provide remote and in-person instruction options for all students.


14. Will programs be offered in-person every day? What if the home district is doing it differently? Is remote learning even for a portion of the week still a possibility?

Career and Technical Education programs will be offered in-person every day. All Special Services classes will open on a hybrid schedule.


15. How will the hybrid schedule work? Will students come to school different days each week?

Specific information about individual school program schedules can be obtained directly from campus principals.


16. How will students receive related services on a hybrid schedule? Will those services be delivered in person or virtually?

Each school will work to design related service schedules to offer those essential in-person services on days that students are in school in the hybrid mode to the extent possible. Other related services will be provided remotely.


17. Who will be the Cosmetology teacher? What will the schedule be? Is there anything we need to do before walking into class the first day back?

At Career Services, Cosmetology programs will be offered in the AM/PM sessions. The teacher depends on Year 1 or Year 2. Adult program specifics will be sent to students as available.


18. How will the day progress for a child with special needs who goes to the Career Center in the morning and Special Services programs in the afternoon?

Students who attend Special Services programs and are scheduled to attend classes at the Career Center will follow their intended schedule unless a parent/guardian notifies their principal or school counselor that they would like to make a change in their child’s program. Home districts will be making decisions regarding transportation on the days students are learning remotely in their hybrid schedules.


19. Will there be an option of wearing either face masks or face shields in the classroom?

Masks are required; face shields are optional.


20. If students are on a hybrid model and come to SWBOCES twice a week via bus and are online the rest of the time per district schedule, can parents or students drive to BOCES to drop off their children?

Parents/Guardians may drive their children to school according to the hybrid schedule of their SWBOCES program. If parents/guardians intend to drive their children to and from school, they should contact their districts to notify them.


21. Can I send my child or drive him to BOCES, or have him drive on days that he is online for his school district?

Please check with your home district regarding your child being able to drive to Career Services.


22. How were the rooms measured for the 6 ft. social distancing? Was it based on class ratios, such as 8:1:2, or based on the actual number of students and staff assigned to the room?

In accordance with the NYSED Reopening Guidance, classroom space capacities have been calculated based on 50 square feet per person for all Special Education and Career Services classrooms.


23. If students were supposed to attend SWBOCES half-day, how will it work when their high school will only be holding in-school learning one day a week and the school was responsible for transportation?

Please check with your home district regarding transportation to and from Career Services.