PD Center’s “Summer Institute” Bolsters Educators’ Teaching for Fall Semester

To prepare teachers and school leaders for September, the Center for Professional Development and Curriculum Support at Southern Westchester BOCES - in collaboration with colleagues from the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center, the Hudson Valley Regional Bilingual Resource Network and the Center for Special Services - presents its Summer Institute for Hybrid and Virtual Learning.

The Summer Institute will engage educators throughout July and August by offering a cycle of nine sessions that will help teachers continue providing valuable instruction and learning experiences for their students.

“Core to the Summer Institute is our shared belief that teachers are professionals, and they hold within themselves the ability and expertise to provide high-quality learning experiences for their students,” said Mary Elizabeth Wilson, Senior Director of the PD Center. “The Summer Institute invites teachers to bring their teaching and learning expertise to leverage virtual tools and pedagogical approaches to support strong teaching and learning, both in and out of school.”

The Summer Institute is being held at three different times this summer: July 13-17, July 20-24 and Aug. 3-7. The nine sessions, each three hours long, are offered in the areas of:

  • Planning for Teaching in Hybrid Learning Environments
  • Making the Shift to Virtual Learning
  • Inclusive Virtual Learning Environments
  • High Quality Pedagogy in Virtual Learning Environments
  • Engaging Parents and Caregivers as Partners in Virtual Learning
  • Establishing Culture in the Virtual Classroom
  • Instructional Leadership in Virtual Learning
  • Rethinking Assessments for Blended Classrooms

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