Tappan Hill Student Registers to Vote Next Month

This Will Be the 21-year-old's First Time Voting

He is Excited His Vote Will Be Counted

Friday, Oct. 9, was an exciting day for Tappan Hill School student Christopher Thompson because he independently filled out an application to become a registered voter. 

Chris, who is often discussing current events and politics, has been talking about registering to vote for a long time. During a recent counting/graph lesson about voting, Chris said he wanted to be counted “for real” and exercise his right to vote. His interest led to a social studies/civics lesson on current civil discourse, said Erroll Rivera, Chris’ teacher.

“He expressed how badly he wants to vote, so with mom’s permission, we guided him to the proper website, and he registered,” Mr. Rivera said. “The assignment was to fill out the application and he did it to a T. He filled out the entire thing by himself and put it on my desk. He even filled out the party affiliation. I am so proud of him and how he is giving himself a voice.”

Chris, who turned 21 on Sunday, Oct. 11, will graduate from Tappan Hill at the end of the year. “I am excited to vote for the first time, especially in a presidential election, and to have my vote counted,” he said. “I’ve learned so much at Tappan Hill, and they’ve encouraged me to speak my mind about what’s important to me and to get involved in my community.”

Tappan Hill Principal Phyllis Rizzi said Mr. Rivera’s class participated in the social studies unit as a community. “Teaching Assistant McKinley Gregory and Erroll did an outstanding job of helping this young man understand that his vote is important and counts!” she said.

Tappan Hill teachers and staff hope that as Chris prepares to leave the school as a socially conscious adult, that he finds things that make him happy and give him a sense of accomplishment.