Tappan Hill School Honors Retiree with Student-Made Gifts

Tappan Hill School Honors Retiree with Student-Made Gifts

On May 29, teacher Erroll Rivera and two of his students at the SWBOCES Tappan Hill School in Tarrytown surprised retiree Donna Manna with a bouquet of flowers set in a multicolored, tissue-glazed vase, as well as a card, to mark her retirement from BOCES and the school.

The flowers came from the Tappan Hill Flower Shop, which Mr. Rivera created in his room last year after getting the idea from an artificial flower display in the Christmas Tree Shops store.

The students, Casey and Stephen, were more than happy to present Mrs. Manna with the special gifts they created.

“We value her dedication and profound love for our students and program,” said Principal Phyllis Rizzi after the presentation to Mrs. Manna, a teacher aide, who is retiring after 20 years of service with BOCES.

“The Tappan Hill community wishes her all the best in her retirement.”

Mr. Rivera works with the students on a regular basis, helping them choose different paper flowers to create as “flower grams” for celebrations like birthdays at the school.