New School Year at Rye Lake

Rye Lake Welcomes Students to a New School Year

Well before 8 a.m. on Sept. 5, staff members at the Rye Lake Campus walked outside and waited for the arrival of school buses from Yonkers to Brewster.

As children got off buses, staff members who work in the Middle/High School and Decagon/Huts called out their names and marveled at how much some of them had grown over the summer. Teachers and teacher assistants also had a chance to meet new bus drivers. A few children had “first-day jitters.”

“I missed you soooo much!” was a common remark as staff members embraced students or gave them high-fives.

Some of the students are new to the district. “Hey Rob. Can I call you Rob?” Rye Lake Middle/High School Principal Scott Kaufman asked a boy.

“Awesome. Good to see you, my friend,” he continued when the boy said yes.

The first part of the day in teacher Jesse Fierro’s classroom in the Middle School was dedicated to learning about expectations and rules, such as making good choices and being respectful and safe at all times. Mr. Fierro pointed out inspirational posters around the room.

“We’re trying to be very open and honest and think positive,” he told students.

Staff at the Middle/High School are ready for all students’ birthdays this year. They created a colorful board in the lobby with everyone’s name and birthday on a cupcake cutout.