Cookie Bake Off at Rye Lake Campus

Italian Anisette Cookies, Cookie Dough Win Annual Bake Off

Congratulations to the winners of the fourth annual Rye Lake Middle School/High School Cookie Bake Off, which took place Dec. 18!  Middle School teacher Jesse Fierro won first place for his mother’s Italian anisette cookies. Michelle Carpiniello, an administrative assistant, won second place for her edible cookie dough. She had chocolate chip, chocolate, chocolate chip and sugar cookie dough on spoons for students and staff to taste. The mixtures did not have any eggs.

Ms. Carpiniello, who won first place in the 2018 Cookie Bake Off, passed the trophy to Mr. Fierro.

The other contestants included teaching assistant Edith Rivera, who made chocolate chip cookies; psychologist Sara Stave, who baked cookie dough Rice Krispy Treats; Chef Omar Laaraj, who made carrot cake; and a “mystery entry” of Stop & Shop cookies.

Also on Dec. 18, staff members gave out holiday goody bags to middle school and high school students. The items in the bags differed based on gender and age, but some of the gifts were headphones, socks, bandanas, toiletries, stress balls and slime. Staff chip in each year to buy gifts for the kids.

Rye Lake Cookie Bake Off