Sound Production Program Gets New Digital Drum Set

Sound Production Program Gets New Digital Drum Set

Students in the Sound Production Program are excited to see that a new digital drum set is now part of the program’s curriculum.

The Roland TD-30 recently arrived on campus and will be used by instructor Sean Harty to teach students how to record the drums, which is one of the harder instruments to record. He will also be using it to teach microphone placement and techniques in music composition and producing.

In addition, the students will use the drum set, along with other instruments in the program, to emulate a recording session of a band using several recording techniques common to the industry.

The state-of-the-art set consists of a 10-piece electronic drum with a module set, together with a stereo amplifier.

“It’s not easy having an extremely loud drum set at any school, but having this drum set for the sound program is beyond amazing,” said Mr. Harty, adding that the set allows him to show the students the in’s and outs of recording drums, without microphones since it is electronic, but also how to record and use it in any project or mix.

“Since we just got a Roland 88 key piano (Roland FA08) to accompany it, the set really gives my students the opportunity to dive into the production and creativity of music. It’s also rewarding to see those students who are musicians really hone their skills by using the instruments.”