Dobbs Ferry Middle School Students Visit Career Services Campus

Dobbs Ferry Middle School Students Visit Career Services Campus

Middle-schoolers don’t always get a chance to see older students in action, specifically those who are learning a vocational trade, but on March 22nd, seven students from Dobbs Ferry Middle School had a chance to do just that.

Accompanied by DFMS guidance counselor Sandra Hacker, the eighth-graders had the opportunity to shadow several students in the Cosmetology Program, watching as they colored and styled the hair of several mannequins.

Many of the girls said they were interested in exploring cosmetology at the high school level, adding that the experience was really beneficial to them.

At one station, a BOCES student was applying two different colors to the model’s hair as her middle school shadowing student watched, while a few feet away, another student was learning about the ombre balayage style of hair coloring.

Bianellys Sanchez, a Dobbs Ferry eighth-grader, said she was enjoying the experience as she carefully observed a cosmetology student blow dry a bleached head of hair.

Center Director Dahlia Jackson said the new pilot program is a great way of getting middle school students interested in the Center’s varied career and tech programs.

“It’s just another way of having younger students see what we’re all about,” she said.