Juliette Suarez

Juliette Suarez

Becoming a Veterinarian, a Dream of Animal Science Student

Becoming a Veterinarian, a Dream of Animal Science Student

From a very young age, Juliette Suarez was crazy about animals. She remembers coming home from school as a kindergartener and then rushing to her living room to catch her favorite shows on the Animal Planet TV channel.

Today, Juliette is a junior at New Rochelle High School and a student in the BOCES Animal Science Program at the Center for Career Services.

It’s clear that her love for animals is as passionate as ever.

Last month, the 16-year-old competed in the state HOSA-Future Health Professionals (formerly known as Health Occupations Students of America) competition and came away with second place in the veterinary science category.

The purpose of HOSA is to develop leadership and technical skills in students who are studying the health fields.

Juliette, who was recently elected HOSA State President, a job that will require her to oversee an organization of about 200,000 members, said the BOCES program has been a life-changer for her.

“This program has made me love animals even more than I did before,” said Juliette, who already has her eyes set on college and is hoping to attend either Stony Brook University or SUNY Delhi. Her ultimate goal, however, is to attend veterinary school.

Juliette knows it won’t be easy. She already has a full academic schedule and she works part-time as a head waitress at the VIP Country Club in New Rochelle every weekend.

Despite the hectic schedule, she realizes that all the hard work will pay off one day.

She’s grateful to animal science teacher Michael D’Abruzzo for his guidance and support.

“He is the best teacher,” she said. “He is always very compassionate and caring.”

Mr. D’Abruzzo said Juliette is following her passion and is determined to “be the best she can be for all the right reasons.”

“She adores animals and has made it very clear to me through her words and actions that she is going to make a positive impact in this field during her lifetime,” he added. “This is not the last time people will read about her accomplishments.”