Students to Work with Award-Winning Film Production Company

First-year students in Sean Harty’s Music/Sound Production class will get some real work experience over the next couple of weeks as they record, edit, mix and master the sound for a local production company trailer.

The company, known as HesterHouse, is based out of New York and California and produces a variety of short films and other media.

Mr. Harty said the students will be tapping into their own creativity to sound design for what is an award-winning local company. After careful review by representatives at HesterHouse, just one student’s sound recording will be used for the trailer, which is expected to be shown at film festivals across the country.

HesterHouse will also use the chosen project for future audio works.

“This is a very exciting project for our students,” said Mr. Harty. “It’s not only rare, it’s an incredible opportunity for them. This experience is priceless because it will help them understand deadlines, how to work with clients, improve social and professional skills, and most importantly, the opportunity to create an amazing base for their portfolio.”