Students Learn from Field Trip to Award-Winning Sound Studio

Students Learn from Field Trip to Award-Winning Sound Studio

Students from the Sound Production and TV/Video Production programs took a field trip to the Alchemy Post Sound Studios in Peekskill recently to experience what it’s like to work in an Emmy Award-winning premiere Foley studio.

Legendary Foley artist Leslie Bloome, who is a member of the BOCES Craft Committee, and Foley mixer Ryan Collison were on hand to provide what Sound Production instructor Sean Harty described as a “thrilling experience for our students.”

The BOCES group took a tour of the studio where technicians create the Foley or live sound effects that are put into videos and other media. Alchemy Post’s clients include Netflix and HBO. Their credits include work in the television, film, documentary, video game and live events industries.

“It was incredible to see how focused the students were and all of the questions they asked,” added Mr. Harty. “The engineers were impressed with their questions and what the students have learned so far and the students themselves were excited to get a hands-on view of the Foley process.”

The term is named after sound-effects artist Jack Donovan Foley, who was famous for his development of everyday sound effects that are routinely added to films, videos and other media in post-production. Examples include the swishing of clothing, footsteps, squeaky doors and breaking glass.

At the end of their visit, the students asked for tips and suggestions on how they could apply for internships as a way of getting into the industry.

“It was a great experience for the students and I can't wait for them to go back next year,” Mr. Harty said.