Fashion Show 2018

Center's Fashion Extravaganza Reveals Changing Trends Through the Decades

Center's Fashion Extravaganza Reveals Changing Trends Through the Decades

From the waist-curving corset dresses of the Edwardian Era to the splatter dresses of the 1990s and beyond, the Center for Career Services’ Fashion Show, held May 24th, was not only a testament to the evolutionary fashion trends of the last century but also to the talent and creativity of current and past students of the Fashion Design/Merchandising Program.

The project, which occurs every second year, was organized by fashion teacher Carmen Galiano and included the collaborative efforts of students from several programs who completed a myriad of tasks to make the show a success.

They included setting up the stage, making the runway, creating the music selection for the show, designing the pamphlet, doing the models’ hair and makeup, videotaping the event and baking delicious snacks for all to enjoy, including muffins, pastries and waffles topped with a maple syrup and bacon-flavored topping.

Students and teachers from all programs on campus filed into the conference room in Building D to watch the extravaganza., cheering and clapping as each fashion model strutted down the runway.

Social worker Eileen Yip, a former model, ran several modeling workshops prior to the event and was close by to offer her expertise.

In addition to creations from the current class, several former students also submitted their own designs. They included Yasmin Cisneros, Sharon Jiminez, Jonzu Jones, Juan Novoa and Osh Williams.

Students worked for months on their garments, including on the design and the sewing.

“Fashion history is an important and required unit of study for all fashion students,” explained Ms. Galiano. “It demonstrates how fashion is a reflection of the time period and also its cyclical nature. By understanding these concepts, designers and merchandisers can better predict the fashions of the future and if or when to repeat any trends of the past. To be successful in fashion, timing is everything! “

Below are the names of the garments that were displayed and the students who designed them. Here is a look at the models taking their final walk down the catwalk.

 1900s Edwardian Period

  • Corset dress by Yasmin Cisneros, Class of 2016
  • Hourglass dress by Juan Novoa, Class of 2013

1910s Industrial Revolution by Dylan Ciriclio

  • Men’s tweed suit jacket, pant
  • Fortuny Delphos gown

1920s: The Roaring 20s by Malaika Nasimok

  • Black Flapper cowl dress
  • 3-piece pinstripe menswear suit for women

1930s Hollywood Glamour by Jaquan Herring

  • Beige satin halter dress
  • Brown tweed vest, pant outfit

1940s World War II by Tyler Kersten

  • Olive army dress
  • Military beige shirt, pant outfit

1950s Happy Days

  • Marilyn Monroe dress by Sharon Jimenez, class of 2012
  • Red prom dress by Anakaren Barajas
  • Black denim James Dean 2-piece Moto outfit

1960s Mod Look

  • Audrey Hepburn dress by Carrie Smith, class of 2012
  • Color-blocked “Twiggy” shift dress by Stephen Cunza and

West Side Story linen shirt and shorts set

1970s Hippie to Disco

  • Green tie-dye maxi dress by Matthew Carrella and light denim leisure suit zip jacket and a tie-dye t-shirt
  • Disco diva white dress by Jonzu Jones, Class of 2012
  • Punk look styled outfit

1980s Yuppie Extravaganza

  • Rapper look styled outfit
  • Lavender power dress by John Smith and pinstripe linen Miami Vice suit

1990 Splatter group by Osh Williams, Class of 2012

  • Black splatter dress
  • Pink print color block outfit

 To see more photos from the event, check out the Southern Westchester BOCES Facebook Photo Album of the event. 

Fashion Show 2018