Cosmetology/Architecture Collaboration

Students Collaborate on Creative Exit Project

For seniors graduating June 14, the chance to engage in a collaborative exit project that combines the skills they’ve learned in the Cosmetology and Architecture & Interior Design/3D Art programs was an exciting prospect.

Pairs of students in both programs were given a make-believe budget of $100,000 to create their dream beauty salons. The cosmetology students were expected to first create storyboards and/or mood boards visualizing their wishes for the salon and to include as many details as possible.

They were also required to complete a checklist provided by the instructors in both programs. Students had to answer questions pertaining to the type of business they wanted (a sole proprietorship or a partnership), the name of the proposed business, its location, the types of services it might offer, how many stylist stations it might have and more.

Each salon design was required to have 10 chairs, a definitive color scheme for the walls and the floor, as well as furniture and equipment.

One student’s mood board included images of an eyebrow waxing chair costing $63.55, makeup drawers costing $169.95, in addition to pictures of other types of furniture one might find in a salon, including sinks, massage tables, makeup chairs and reception area tables.

Students in the Architecture Program took the storyboards and mood boards that were created by the cosmetology students and created sophisticated designs using AutoCAD.

Instructor Christine Ireland said the project went very well despite the fact that this was the first year both programs had worked together on such a project. 

Cosmetology/Architecture Collaboration