Career Services Center Celebrates Student Achievements with Recognition Ceremony

Career Services Center Celebrates Student Achievements with Recognition Ceremony

It was a proud moment for teachers and administrators from the Center for Career Services in Valhalla as 282 students marched across the Westchester County Center stage in White Plains June 14 to accept their certificates, evidence that they had successfully completed two years of career and technical education at the Center.

Prior to the three-hour ceremony, the students and their teachers gathered in a room off to the side of the main arena, taking celebratory photos, as well as getting last-minute instructions for the ceremony.

In her opening remarks, Center Director Dahlia Jackson cited the 168 technical endorsements that students in various programs had earned, as well as the successful completion of their CTE exams.

Salutatorian Darren Tripicchio, a graduate of the TV/Video Production Program and a senior at Harrison High School, credited teachers at the Center for playing a very important role in their achievements.

“It is now our turn to take that encouragement, along with the tools we have gained over the last two years at BOCES, and use it to shape our future,” he said.

Darren, along with other students in the TV/Video Production Program, was responsible for making a special video titled, “The Key to Your Success,” which was showcased on several large screens in the auditorium.  

Guest speaker John Mercurio, a 2013 graduate of the Security, Law and Policing Program, described his decision to attend the BOCES program as “taking a shot in the dark not knowing that this would be the best decision of my entire life and career.” John, now a nurse at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan, added that the real-life experience he gained from attending the BOCES program was invaluable.

He urged the graduates to be ambitious. “Anything is possible for you. There is no limit to how far you can go,” he told them.

As is customary each year, the TV/Video Production Program debuted its signature video, “Student Voices,” a compilation of clips from students in various programs who speak about their experiences at the Center.

The event included the presentation of various student awards, including the Recognition of Excellence Award from Looseleaf Law Publications, Inc. to Security, Law and Policing graduate Shania Louis.

The award was presented to Shania by the program’s instructor, Ray Sulla.

Principal Matera presented a number of other special awards to students from various programs. They included the following:

The Secondary Day Career and Technical Education Program Award, Cydnei Adamson, New Rochelle High School; Outstanding Student in the Introduction to Career and Technical Education Program, Donald Fuentes-Rios, Rye Neck High School; the Donald B. Barbieri Memorial Award, Carla Chi, Harrison High School; the De Paul Stallkamp Memorial Award, Megan Brown, White Plains High School; the John Harley Memorial Award, Melissa Resendiz, New Rochelle High School; the John Rembling Memorial Award, Gregory Gaudio, New Rochelle High School; the Ray Oddo Memorial Award, Donald Fuentes-Rios, Rye Neck High School; the Dr. Colleen Murray Scholarship Award, Maya Guagnini, Rye Neck High School; the Ruth Bullwinkel Memorial Award, Julianna Portante, Eastchester High School; the Stock Award for Culinary Excellence, Aislynn Flores, Sleepy Hollow High School; the Elaine Barsich Award, Kobe Butler, Alexander Hamilton High School, the Elmsford School District; the Margaret Antonecchia Memorial Award, Bruce Avendano, Woodlands High School, the Greenburgh School District; the Heath L. Linker Scholarship Award, Angela DeFrancesco, Westlake High School, the Mount Pleasant Central School District; the Dree Atkins Memorial Award, Sophie Munoz, Scarsdale High School; and the Ollie Clark Award, Raul Velazquez, New Rochelle High School.

Recognition Awards for “Best in Program” included the following:

Animal Science – John Elkamp, Scarsdale High School; Architecture & Interior Design – Elizabeth Fuerte-Villa, New Rochelle High School; Auto Body & Detailing – Donald Fuentes-Rios, Rye Neck High School; Automotive Technology – Olliver Rivera, White Plains High School (Peter Schwartzott, instructor); Automotive Technology – Emmanuel Gonzalez, Port Chester High School (Scott Nelson, instructor); Automotive Trades & Maintenance – Omar Lopez, New Rochelle High School; Baking, Food & Retail Service – Megan Brown, White Plains High School; CISMAA – Emily Jimenez, Hastings High School; Collison Technology – Joseph Guagliardi, Blind Brook High School, the Rye School District; Commercial Art – Cydnei Adamson, New Rochelle High School; Construction/Plumbing – Ian Spruck-Andrews, Westlake High School, the Mount Pleasant School District; Cosmetology – Fathima Roshan, White Plains High School (Theresa Galitello, instructor); Cosmetology – Amy Calandro, Eastchester High School (Laura Mirabel, instructor); Culinary Arts – Taneesha Odom-Perrineau, New Rochelle High School; Electrical Construction – Oscar Diaz Reyes – Pleasantville High School; Emergency Medical Services – Melissa Pizzol, Sleepy Hollow High School; Fashion Design/Merchandising – Anakaren Barajas, New Rochelle High School; General Maintenance Assistant – Michael McMorrow, Woodlands High School, the Greenburgh School District; Nursing Assistant – Nargis Ahmed, New Rochelle High School; Pre-Engineering – Dajel Duggins, New Rochelle High School; Office Skills & Occupations – Matthew Kriegal, Ardsley High School; Security, Law & Policing – Shania Louis, New Rochelle High School; Sound Production – Floyd Fields, New Rochelle High School; TV/Video Production – Roman Danyluk, Irvington High School.

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