Ambulance Simulator Gets New Look

Ambulance Simulator Gets New Look

There’s been a lot of activity in the EMS classroom lately as students from Paul Casagrande’s Collision Technician class and Damian Powers’ Commercial Art Program have been working hard to give the ambulance simulator there a cool new look.

The simulator was constructed in the classroom last April by a Texas-based company called Ambulance Simulator Rescue Products. BOCES purchased the simulator from the company as a way to give students a more realistic experience of emergency medical procedures and to prepare them for careers as EMTs.

Covering the simulator with a vinyl wrap is the final step in the months-long collaborative project, which is nearing completion.  

EMS instructor Hanifah Muhammad asked both teachers if they would be willing to pitch in and make the simulator more professional looking.

Mr. Powers said he encouraged his students to think outside the box when developing designs for the wrap.

“The final design is not only about creating one great design; it’s about the process that you take to get there,” he told them.

The objective was to create a design that represented the theme of the EMS class, while also incorporating the EMS class logo, which was developed by the commercial art class a few years ago.

Just like they would in a real job setting, students were expected to carry out extensive research beforehand, meet with the creative director, Mr. Powers, and also with the client, the EMS class. Mr. Powers explained that the measurements were taken of the ambulance simulator and a template and scale model was created by his students so they could develop their designs.

Over 30 of them were created and a select few were presented to the EMS class. After providing feedback, Ms. Muhammad’s students chose a final design and voted on three words that they felt represented their character as healthcare providers, which were then incorporated into the design.

The graphic was printed out in panels using the large format vinyl wrap printer, which is located on campus.

Mr. Powers said it was “a great, fun project all around.” Ms. Muhammad said she is very happy with the results. “The creativity of the students really added to the realness of the simulator,” she said.