Remote Technology Tips

Below, please find some resources to help you access some of your job-related technology while you work remotely from home.  

General Employee Resources

Email From Home

Voicemails From Home

Most voicemails are accessible from your Outlook Email .  However, if your voicemails are not accessible that way, please dial in using the folloing method to check your Voicemails:

  1. Dial 914-784-2702
  2. Press * when you hear the recording 
  3. Enter your 4 digit extension when it asks for your ID
  4. Enter your pin when prompted
  5. Any voicemails you have will now be available.


If you do not have access to your voicemail messages in your email, please reach out to the LHRIC Service Desk to report this issue.  

Teacher Resources


Google Classroom


Google Meet

Google AR/3D

How to see the Human Body in Google 3D

  • You have to head to Google Search

  • Type in Visible Body 3D along with the body part you want to view in 3D

  • Tap on the View in 3D option under the Visible Body website search result

  • Tap on View in your space option and adjust your smartphone by moving it
    around to view the body part on your couch

Body Parts you an see in Google AR (subject to change):

  • heart
  • synapse
  • brain
  • muscle
  • flexion
  • upper respiratory tract
  • coccyx
  • vertebra
  • foot
  • hand
  • eye
  • lung
  • trachea
  • thoracic diaphragm
  • stomach
  • small/big intestine
  • appendix
  • shoulder
  • pelvis
  • hair
  • skeleton
  • central nervous system
  • cranial nerve
  • rib
  • mouth
  • tongue
  • nose
  • ear
  • neck
  • ovary
  • prostate
  • red blood cell 
  • platlet

eLearning Pop-Ups

[eLearning Pop Up Webinar] Google Chrome & Chrome OS Accessibility Features

Slidedeck: (To Access Resources Mentioned in Webinar)

eLearning Pop Up Webinar] Accessibility Microsoft Learning Tools

Slidedeck: (To Access Resources Mentioned in Webinar)  

Administrative Resources

Scheduling A Meeting a Zoom Call

Zoom Meeting Controls

Sharing your Screen in Zoom


Please find below links to other resources around learning about Microsoft TEAMS, courtesy of the LHRIC and Microsoft:

  1. Welcome to Teams (video)
  2. What is Microsoft Teams (quick start videos): Links to other resources are on this page as well
  3. How to join a Teams meeting: Links to other resources are on this page as well
  4. Microsoft Teams training: A number of on demand videos to help people learn to use Teams effectively
  5. End user training for Microsoft Teams: Includes a Work remotely with Office 365 video and MANY other resources
  6. Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide: Use this guide to learn the basics. Microsoft Teams Manage your team Add or remove members, create a new channel, or get a link to the team. Add files Let people view a file or work on it together. Compose a message Type and format it here. Add a file, emoji, GIF, or sticker to liven it up!
  7. Microsoft Teams - Basics and beyond (video)
  8. Microsoft Teams user tutorial and updates + what's coming in 2020 (Microsoft Ignite video)
  9. Instructor-led training for Microsoft Teams: Requires advance registration for these live events.  Microsoft is excited to host a series of free, live, online training classes designed to get you up and running with Teams.  Whether you're a business decision maker, admin, IT pro, or end user, you'll find a class that's right for you. Not sure where to begin? Take our Teams knowledge check. Join us to see Teams in action, get your questions answered, and interact with our live instructors. To view our training classes on your own time, visit our on-demand end-user training.
  10. 4 Tips for working from home with Microsoft Teams
  11. Microsoft blog (March 10, 2020): Staying productive while working remotely with Teams
  12. Work remotely with Teams
  13. Teams blog (Feb 28, 2020): 4 tips for working from home with Microsoft Teams
  14. Collaborate with Office 365
  15. Work remotely with Office 365
  16. 9 tips for working remotely
  17. Top tips for working more securely from home
  18. Getting started with teams for remote learning
  19. How Schools can ramp up remote learning with Teams
  20. Teams for education webinars