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Career Services Recognizes 285 Student Graduates

The scene on graduation night at the Westchester County Center.-image
The scene on graduation night at the Westchester County Center.

The Southern Westchester BOCES Center for Career Services celebrated the success of 285 students who completed career and technical training programs in a recognition ceremony held on June 17 at the Westchester County Center in White Plains.

Cheering parents, family members, friends and teachers were joined in the celebration by Linda Suarez, Director of the Center for Career Services; Dr. Clement Ceccarelli, Supervisor, Advanced Career and Technical Education; Dr. Robert Monson, SWBOCES District Superintendent; Sandra A. Simpson, Deputy District Superintendent; Stephen J. Tibbets, Assistant Superintendent, Business and Administrative Services; Georgia Riedel, Board President; and Beverly Levine, a member of the Board of Education.

Nick Estatico, a second-year Electrical Construction student from Pelham High School, led the students through the Processional and Salute to the Flag as the ceremony opened. This was followed by a trumpet performance of the “Star Spangled Banner” played by Leonny Abreau, also a second-year Electrical Construction student from Harrison High School.

After words of welcome from Ms. Suarez, the greeting was given by Estephania Ayala, a Cosmetology student from New Rochelle High School.

“We each have been given an opportunity to begin our life-long career path with a firm foundation,” she said to the graduates. “Whether we have studied for one, two or three years, we have been prepared to begin our life in the world of work. Some of us will immediately go to work, while others may continue on with higher education or enter the military. We are all life-long learners who are beginning a new stage in our life.

“Fellow graduates – take what you have learned as a foundation for your future,” she continued. “You have learned much, and now it is up to you to continue in your chosen field. Make a difference in the world. Continue to think, always be curious and be proud of your work. Congratulations on your accomplishments. Be proud, be happy, be successful.”

Dr. Monson also addressed the students in his opening remarks. “It sounds like the great majority of you will continue with your education. This is a wonderful decision. Think very carefully about continuing your education. It will give you more options as you walk down the pathway of life.”

Special Awards

Dr. Ceccarelli announced the Outstanding Student Award recipients, who each received a plaque from Dr. Monson:

Chantia Wallace, Emergency and Protective Services, New Rochelle High School: Secondary Occupational Education Program Award, given to the Secondary Day student who has excelled in the area of achievement, attendance, leadership and responsibility.

Barbara Derrick, Office Skills, White Plains High School: Basic Occupational Education Program Award, given to the student in the Basic Occupational Education Program who has excelled in occupational achievement, attitude, behavior and attendance.

Jean-Thony Dussuaud, TV/Video Production, New Rochelle High School: Donald B. Barbierri Memorial Award, recognizing a student who demonstrated competency in a vocational program, growth and an outstanding attitude.

Justin Walker, Food Trades, Woodlands High School: The DePaul Stallkamp Memorial Award, presented to the student in the Basic Occupational Education Program who has demonstrated the greatest improvement during the school year.

Arielle Young, Collision Technology, Alexander Hamilton High School: The John Harley Memorial Award, presented to the most improved student in the Secondary Day Program.

Victor Luis, Collision Technology, Sleepy Hollow High School: The John Remling Memorial Award, presented to the student with an outstanding attitude toward the world of work and who has demonstrated proficiency in the trade area.

Ricardo Gonzalez, Office Skills, White Plains High School: The Ray Oddo Memorial Award. The award is in memory of Ray Oddo, a dedicated teacher who spent 32 years serving special education students. The award goes to a special education student who, in Ray’s words, “has come to believe in himself/herself to realize he/she can accomplish.”

Jake Saporito, Integrated Art, Mamaroneck High School: The Advisory Committee Award, sponsored by Diamond Thistle Masonic Lodge. This award is given to a student who has excelled in their Career and Technical Education Program and has proved to be reliable, dependable, hard working and employed as a “Student Worker” during the school year.

In her closing remarks, Ms. Suarez urged the graduates to “be confident in the skills you have learned here…By successfully completing your program here at the Career Center, you have taken the first steps in building a strong career foundation that will assist you in becoming a global citizen.

“You are being recognized for your effort in maintaining good attendance and acquiring 21st century skills and concepts that are required to be successful in today’s global job market. You should be very proud of yourself today. Let this be one of the many major accomplishments throughout your life.”

Students Listed by Program

Alternative High School:

Henry Bayer; Shamel Edwards; Michael Gladstein; Michael Izzo; Ann-Marie Lolis; Leo Maldonado; Joe Porzio; Karen Velez; Steven Williams.


Gabriella Celestino; Eileen Gabler; Jeffrey Jubin; Rolando Martinez; Paige Maruggi; Samantha Robinson.


Claudio Agames**; Jose Barajas**; Scott Campbell; Nello Fabrizi; Christopher Fuster; Ariel Garcia; Eqequiel Martinez**; Terrence McNeil*; Caesar Randolph; Daren Smith*; John Tancredi; Aaron Teele.


Zachary Butler; Michael Gladstein**; Michael Hammond; Michael Izzo; Leonel Maldonado*; Juan Mateus**; Jean Silver**; Aaron Spencer-Claxton**.


Henry Bayer*; M’Tayari Dixon*; Jean-Thony Dussuaud**; Samantha Robinson*; Roy Strickland**; Freedom Weekes**.


Cory Bayer**; Dion Beamon*; Thomas Boylan**; Paola Carbone**; Corina DeJesus**; Alex Guzman; Avalon Hernandez*; Anne-Marie Lolis; Rolando Martinez; Joseph Mumola**; Luis Ramirez*; Gustavo Ribeiro**; Deanne Richardson*; Sho Tanaka; Anthony Toro; Angela Turso.


Tanisha Bandoo; Sade Brown**; Jade Cave**; Emery Ford; Jennessy Lantigua; Natasha Rhett**; Jocavet Romero*; Tamika Smith**; Karen Velez; Brittany Whyte.


Damian Bifano*; Zackia Cabrera*; Rigoberto Charro**; Cindy Cho**; Rachelle Corcoran*; Edgar Cuateco*; Eqequiel Diaz**; Amanda Flint*; Monserrat Galeno*; Michael Galimore*; Arthur Harris*; Danny Melendez Hueliti*; John Iorio; Michael Krasnansky**; Kelic Kulik; Tania Lassnibatt**; Marco Lazaro-Dominquez**; Miriam Manzarron**; Deana Monteleon**; Jacob Orr**; Zack Papadopoulos**; Juan Quinones**; Joseph Re**; Luis Valencia; Nubia Weekes**.


Markcson Dorisma; Christopher Jones; Justin Walker.


Victor Perez; Breilyn Roper-Hubbert; Diana Ventura-Chavez.


Diane Davis; Barbara Derrick; Patrick Eugene; Ricardo Gonzalez; Yesica Hernandez; Shawn Mbayu; Raina Moody; Jorda Petit-Fort; Michael Portnoy; Roneisha Risper; Ronneasha Risper; Maria Santamaria.


Wendy Arzuaga; Victoria Chevere; Yolanda Dorisma; Daniel Ramirez; Jessica Rivas; Jake Saporito; Nadime Tassy.


Jefferson Giraldo; Gerardo Gutierrez; Jamaane Nelson.


William Coronado; Dean Davidson; Michael Leal; Andrew Stawicki; Horacio Vargas.


Leudy Correa; Duanny Lara; Ismael Montalvo; Ronny Ortega; Juan Soriano.


Christopher Lent; Matthew Mather.


Leonny Abreu**; Matthew Aliperti*; Kevin Alvarez-Galvez; Dylan Archer; Jonathan Ayora; Jose Ceja**; Bryant Cruz**; Nicholas Estatico**; Eddie Fuentes; Nick Hunnewell**; Jordan Lee**; Hector Malave; Micah Mariano**; Rafael Matos**; Christopher Mazza**; Dean McKoy**; Jason Merwin**; Antonio Pullano*; Luke Raffa**; Christian Randone**; Roy Salvatierra; Orale Stewart; Diego Suqui; Gregory Wurzburger**.


Peter Bartlett**; Sean Brown**; Brandon Care**; David Chen**; John Coleman**; Mario Gonzalez**; Alexander Grieco**; Kevin Igwe**; Kevin Jaramillo; Edwin Matailo**; Leandro Oliveira**; Raymond Scaperrotta**; Joseph Sestito*; Robert Swam**.


Antonio Castellanos; Sivad Ellis*; Michael Figueroa*; Veronika Frohlich**; Tania Gallego; Miguel Garcia; Angela Kolotouros*; Karen Leon; Julian McClendon; Katie O’Neil**; Omar Oviedo**; Jon Peter Pearson*; Brajham Salazar; Chantia Wallace**.


Luis Bobadilla*; Carlos Campos; Victor Luis**; Johnny Machado*; Raul Ochoa**; Jabrill Purcelle; Juan Rivas; Devin Rivera*; George Singleton**; Juan Valencia; Arielle Young**.


Vincent Arcuri**; Luis Barranco**; Olaine Beech*; Harold Calero; Arnulfo Cardenas**; Flaviano Cervantes; Juan Cervantes; Carlos Coyt; Michael D’Ambrosio**; Richard Diaz; Shamel Edwards*; Frank Fox; John Gilbert*; Edwardo Gonzaga*; Joe Gualtieri*; Ronae Hinds; Brandon Horton*; Richard Melo*; Juan Neocelo**; Darwin Ortiz; Josue Petit-Homme**; Joseph Porzio; Johnny Quezada**; Angel Retamozo**; Jon Roman; Raul Sanchez; Sheldon Searcy*; Tyler Shopinski**; Andrew Stanson**; Devon Thimote**; Hasan Thomas; Arran Walsh; Justin Waring.


Arisbeth Aguilar; Shirley Andrade; Estephania Ayala**; Nelly Ayora; Robin Bailey*; Ana Baizan-Serrano; Andrea Barajas**; Irini Bua**; Jakiera Burns**; Indira Caseres; Pamela Castro**; Gabriella Dachs**; Chelsea Datino*; Brittany DeRenzis**; Jennifer Dosin; Blanca Espinoza*; Taylor Febus; Dalila Flores*; Alexa Frisagura; Danjela Fusha; Sandra Galvan; Jodi Garofola; Miriam Gonzalez; Heavin Harrell; Courtney Harris; Dahlia Harrison**; Isamar Hernandez**; Gabriella Liscio; Krissten Lopez; Paige Maruggi; LaDasha Meads; Alexis Merlucci**; Shatika Mitchell*; Dulce Morales; June Na**; Nicole Odau**; Jessica Oleskovic; Kali Pietzak**; Elizabeth Quintero; Stephanie Ramirez; Natalia Rhett; Katia Rogliano; Arielle Roman; Paubla Sanchez; Valerie Scappaticci; Jenise Scozzari; Susana Silva; Nicole Sinapi**; Samantha Tejeda**; Kristen Trafford; Yenifer Trejo; Katherine Urgiles; Rosa Vasquez; Bristy Vazquez; Flor De Maria Vilcapoma; Subreen Wazwaz**; Jerasia West**

* Indicates 1 year of program

** Students eligible to receive a Technical Endorsement on their diploma

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