RIC One Partners Share Project Results and Prepare for Upcoming School Year

Fifteen members of the RIC One team from regional information centers across New York State met May 4 at the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center offices in Harrison to share work accomplished on the ground-breaking project that seeks to provide school districts with a one-size-fits-all solution to streamlining the digital login process for students as well as coming up with a more efficient, user-friendly way to handle most of the data that districts deal with on a daily basis.

The meetings were also organized to help plan for the new school year in September.

Those in attendance included representatives of the Northeast Regional Information Center, the South Central Regional Information Center, the Mohawk Regional Information Center, the Monroe Regional Information Center and the Greater Southern Tier Regional Information Center.

Five members joined virtually from other RICs across the state.

RIC One focuses on streamlining the API (data integration) and LOGIN (single sign-on) services offered under the umbrella of District Data Privacy and Security. 

The RIC One group is unique in that it is the first time the state’s RICs have joined together to offer services for all component districts across the state. 

Learn more about RIC One by accessing its websites at  www.ricone.org and www.riconedpss.org.