Special Services Students Organize, Shop for and Cook Cinco de Mayo Menu

St. Matthew’s Celebrates Cinco de Mayo with Nachos

St. Matthew’s was a hive of activity in the lead-up to Cinco de Mayo as students planned how they would celebrate the holiday and shopped for a feast.

All of the classes were involved in planning activities to commemorate the Mexican army’s victory over France in 1862. The students decided that they wanted to eat nachos. As a group, they made a list of the ingredients they needed. In one class, they reviewed a supermarket circular to see if any of the ingredients were on sale.

The students went shopping to purchase their items. All the students in the four morning classes prepared the food for Cinco de Mayo. They cut the lettuce and tomatoes and grated the cheese. They cooked the meat and seasoned it with taco spices.

During lunch periods on Cinco de Mayo, students chose from chips, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, meat, cheese and prepared their own plates.

Each student emptied the meal and declared that the home-made nachos were the best they had ever eaten.