Students in the SWBOCES Commercial Art Program at the Center for Career Services in Valhalla are learning about human form and the importance it plays in the commercial art and graphic design fields.

Under the direction of instructor Damian Powers, the class began by creating collages, first one-portrait collages and following that, full-figured collages, which are the precursor to the human figure drawing unit, which students will be studying in the coming weeks.

“The students rotate being models while the rest of the class draws,” said Mr. Powers. “The class is versed at 30 second, one minute, 5 minute, 10 minute and half-hour renderings of the human figure,” he explained.

The class also utilizes a website called, which allows the students to render various poses of the human figure in a 3-D environment.

Later this month, the commercial art class will be showing their best work at the annual Media Arts Festival at Westchester Community College and will also be taking a trip to the Digitas Health Advertising agency in Manhattan to learn more about such cutting-edge techniques.