Sound Production Students End Year with Worthwhile Portfolio

Students in the Sound Production Program at the SWBOCES Center for Career Services ended off the school year knowing that without them, an important on-hold messaging project would not have been completed.

The students attending instructor Sean Harty’s class were asked to create on-hold messages for each center, including the Center for Career Services, the Center for Special Services, the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center, the Center for Professional Development & Curriculum Support, and a special recording providing information on Southern Westchester BOCES.

Two Spanish-language on-hold messages were also created by students for the Career Services and Special Services centers.

“This was a fantastic project for my students because it used a lot of the skills they learned during the year,” said Mr. Harty.

Each student took on the task of creating an on-hold message for two BOCES centers. The work involved recording the verbal script provided by each center, editing and mixing the voice-over talent for each message, along with creating the background music.

The voice-over talent included BOCES Director of Technology Victor Pineiro, Nyjae Spady, a graduate of the TV/Video Production Program, and Mr. Harty, who worked extensively in the industry before teaching at the Center.

Students were given approximately six weeks to work on the special project, which equals a week’s worth of work in a normal 10-hour day in the industry, explained Mr. Harty.

The students involved in the project included: John Danik, Floyd Fields, Justin Hinton, Chris Knights, a graduate of the program, and Stephen Petty.

Students in Mr. Harty’s class also made a variety of public service announcements and other musical works, which can be listened to on the SWBOCES Career Services Soundcloud page,