LHRIC Murals

Mural Created by Students Brightens LHRIC'S Hallways

Employees and visitors alike can’t miss the colorful new murals that are on the walls of the LHRIC’s space in Harrison these days.

The creative designs are the work of students in the Commercial Art and Interior Design & Architecture programs, both housed at the SWBOCES Center for Career Services in Valhalla.

The images, which span several walls close to the RIC’s conference rooms, reflect the different regions of the state and the proliferation of technology that runs through it.

The idea for the murals came from the LHRIC’s Executive Director Dennis Lauro, who felt that the area could use a little color. Taking that idea and combining it with an administrative internship project that Dr. Madalyn Romano was working on seemed like the perfect fit.

Dr. Lauro said he believed it should be a student-generated effort, given the level of expertise that exists at the Career Services Center.

Meeting with instructors Damian Powers of the Commercial Art Program and Christine Ireland, an instructor in the Interior Design/Architecture Program, and their students, it was decided that the mural should visually display the various regions of the state since many of the conference rooms in the building have names associated with New York’s geography, and also include an element of technology.  

Ms. Ireland said her students brainstormed, conducted research, sketched an outline of the images and then refined them in PhotoShop. In Mr. Powers’ class, they completed the project by putting the finishing touches to the design, enlarging the images and printing them on a special poster printer.

Paul Casagrande, an instructor in the Collision Technician Program, also helped with the installation at the 450 Mamaroneck Avenue building.

The finished project shows various images from landmarks across the state with colorful cables running through those images.

“This was done with a lot of attention to detail,” said Dr. Romano, referring to the fire code requirements that were followed before putting the mural adhesive on the wall and other precautions.

Dr. Lauro said he was proud of the students’ accomplishments and the professional job they did.

“It has created quite a buzz around the offices,” he said. “The students deserve a great deal of credit, but most of all, it is the teachers behind the scenes who I know make it happen. It is excellent teaching and gives them a real experience that makes it all seem worthwhile for them.”



LHRIC Murals