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  • Students Create Eye-Catching Signage

    Walk through Building B at our Center for Career Services and you'll see the incredible work of our Commercial Art students, whose creativity can be seen in the form of vinyl wraps currently on display in various areas of the building.

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  • Join our Cisco Academy Networking Program information sessions!

    Learn about our Cisco Academy Networking Program on Monday, Feb. 26, at 6 p.m., in Building B on our Career Services campus, 65 Grasslands Road, Valhalla. Register here! 

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  • Students at Tappan Hill School "Lend a Helping Hand"

    Tappan Hill students learned the value of lending a hand around their school during the month of January, a reflection on the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr.

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  • Southern Westchester BOCES Congratulates Region's Reward Schools

    Southern Westchester BOCES congratulates region's newly identified Reward Schools.  

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  • Mother of 2 thanks SWBOCES for helping her set example for kids

    Lisa Wilson-Patrick, a 40-year-old mother of two, is thankful to SWBOCES for allowing her to set a positive example for her children, ages 6 and 15.

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  • Second Quarter Breakfast Celebrates Students' Achievements

    At the Center for Career Services' second-quarter breakfast, several students received awards for their high academic performance. 

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  • Students Get Ready for SkillsUSA Competition

    Students in Christine Ireland's Architecture/Interior Design/3D Art class were practicing the steps necessary to compete successfully in the upcoming SkillsUSA competition, to take place in March. The activity was being done in conjunction with SkillsUSA Day 2018. 

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  • Students Avail of Work-Based Learning Hours Through Collaboration with YWCA

    Students in our Cosmetology Program at the Center for Career Services are getting valuable work-based learning hours through a special collaboration with the YWCA in White Plains. 

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  • Students Learn from Visit to Automotive Technology Center

    A class visit to the Herbert Kurz Automotive Technology Center at Rockland Community Center gave BOCES auto students a peek into the school's well-respected associate's degree program in automotive technology. 

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  • Sound Production Students Will Learn from New Digital Drum Set

    Students in the BOCES Sound Production Program at the Center for Career Services will benefit from a digital drum set that was purchased recently. 

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  • Auto Students Bring Back Coveted Prizes

    Two teams of automotive technology students did their teachers proud after they competed and won a fifth and sixth place at the Westchester/Rockland Regional Automotive Technology Competition in early January. 

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  • Auto Students Work Toward Careers in the Industry

    Making a career for themselves in the auto industry is on the minds of our students as they sit for the ASE exam. 

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  • Drum Performance Helps Students Get Creative

    Architectural students had some help getting creative, thanks to a drum performance held in their class Jan. 29. 

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  • SWBOCES, Questar collaborate on future assessments

    Southern Westchester BOCES was chosen to host educators from throughout the region to collaborate with Questar Assessment on a three-day item-writing workshop.

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  • Sharing and Caring the Theme of Special Assembly

    Students at the Tappan Hill School enjoyed a special assembly at their school Jan. 22 to honor Martin Luther King Jr., Day and to reinforce the importance of sharing and caring. 

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Commercial Thrusts AIIM Students into Spotlight

Three students from the SWBOCES AIIM Program located at Irvington High School had the chance to visit the TV/Video Production studios located on the Career Services campus recently and to make their first commercial.

Under the supervision of BOCES speech pathologist Eileen McGarvey, the three students, Horace McFarland, Courtney Gabaer and Adam Frankenthaler, were excited to feature in the making of the 30-second commercial based on a script they had written about a make-believe water park.

Confidently walking into the studio and standing before the cameras, each student read selected scripts from a teleprompter.

“Welcome to the most famous water park on earth!” Horace read with enthusiasm. Others talked about the fun that was in store for visitors as well as giving other important details that would typically be included in a TV commercial.  

“This was a really special activity for the students,” said Ms. McGarvey, adding that the purpose of the exercise was to show students that communication takes many forms, as well as to focus on the importance of persuasion and to teach them the kinds of language tools that are used in a medium like advertising.

The video production students were on hand to help make the process as comfortable as possible, with some of them doing the filming and others working behind the scenes in the control room.

Sean Harty, an instructor in the Music/Sound Production Program, gave them a tour of the state-of-the-art facility and introduced them to the other students and to TV/Video Production instructor Tony Ely, who was there to oversee the filming.

Ms. McGarvey said the trip to the TV studio was a successful one.

“It was a terrific experience for our students to see and use the production facilities, to be in the limelight and to get loads of attention and coaching from the professional staff and students,” she added.

Students in the Video Production Program were expected to edit the individual segments that were recorded and send the finished product to Ms. McGarvey so she could share with their families.