Bridget Ciliberto interview

Introducing our new Nursing Program Coordinator

New Nursing Coordinator found her calling at SWBOCES 

Bridget Ciliberto has been with Southern Westchester BOCES for 10 years, beginning as a Clinical Instructor for one year. The following year she became a Classroom Instructor, while also working as a Staff Nurse at White Plains Hospital. 

One of the roles she had at the hospital was working with new graduates. “I was always leaning towards education,” Ciliberto said. “So when I was given the opportunity to teach classroom I hopped on it, I loved it!” For the next 10 years she continued with classroom lectures, which she stated was her calling.

As is so often the case at SWBOCES, those who  teach have done the work. Bridget Ciliberto is no exception. She prides herself on still being a hands-on teacher. She says, “The students appreciate it.” Ciliberto has brought real-world experience directly into the classroom, which is crucial for a high level-nursing program. “This is an intense program," she said, "but it is manageable, and they (students) come out successful and ready for the workforce.” 

The students in the program come from a multitude of unique backgrounds and experiences, which Ciliberto praises. “Our students bring culture,” she said. “They share their own lives and personal experience and relate it to nursing.”

As the new Nursing Program Coordinator, Ciliberto has goals to advance the program. She hopes to propel it into career areas where Licensed Practical Nurses are already fulfilling roles. Ciliberto would like to see the program branch out into that arena, which will allow students to obtain experience in an area where they are already headed.

When asked about the Nursing Program’s renowned Graduation ceremony, Ciliberto said, “It is an honor and a time where all the hard work of the students and instructors has paid off.”